Sarah Giordano - Lemonkind Mindfulness

Sarah is a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner (Mindfulness Now, accredited by the British Psychological Society). Sarah brings with her over 10 year's experience working as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, designing and delivering training globally for both private and public sector clients.


Sarah now specialises in teaching mindfulness to adults and children and has a wealth of experience teaching mindfulness in corporate settings and school's. Working with our other therapists, Sarah enables us to bring full mind and body wellbeing to you.


Whether you would like to learn mindfulness techniques to help you relax, or would like a more detailed course on the theory of mindfulness, Sarah offers a range of courses to meet your needs, from beginner to more advanced mindfulness practice.


Mindfulness is a collection of techniques that enable us to become more aware of the present moment. In doing so, we can gain greater insight into our thoughts, emotions and the world around us, along with improving our mental and physical health. Mindfulness is a scientifically proven method to help:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Prevent recurrent episodes of depression

  • Improve quality sleep

  • Boost resilience

  • Increase positive thought processes

  • Strengthen focus and creativity 


Mindfulness techniques

Sarah's courses teach practical mindfulness techniques that you can use in your daily life, including mindful breathing and meditations. Tuning into our breath can be a valuable tool to help us feel grounded when feeling overwhelmed and to maintain a state of calm. Mindful meditations give us the opportunity to practice training our mind to focus. When we notice our mind has wandered, we bring our attention back to a point of focus. This also enables deeper relaxation and the benefits can often be felt for days after.



"I've suffered from anxiety for a number of years. I knew I wanted and needed to change...I'm living in the moment and Sarah has taught me techniques to make mindfulness stick." 

“I highly recommend a mindfulness course with Lemonkind. Sarah provided me with the tools to use mindfulness in my day to day life. The course gave me an opportunity to step back, reflect and improve my life. Thank you Lemonkind!”