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Cedar Grove Clinic After Refurbishment

Cedar Grove Clinic after its mini refurbishment

In the heart of our community in Daventry, Cedar Grove Clinic has long been a cornerstone of health and wellness. Today, we celebrate the completion of its mini refurbishment.

Understanding that a healing environment goes beyond medical equipment, the mini refurbishment has also focused on patient comfort. The Cedar Grove Clinic features spacious waiting areas with natural light, private consultation rooms, and upgraded amenities to make visits as pleasant as possible.

As we unveil the new Cedar Grove Clinic, we remain committed to providing exceptional care through the therapists that use the facility. This mini refurbishment is a testament to our dedication to serving our community better than ever before. We invite you to visit Cedar Grove Clinic based in Daventry to explore the new facilities, and see firsthand how we're transforming healthcare in our area.

Join us as we embark on this exciting new journey, and experience the enhanced Cedar Grove Clinic based in Daventry.

Visit us at and book your therapist!

Visit us at and book your clinical space!!

Thank you very much.

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