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Cedar Grove Clinic in Daventry collaborating with SFAesthetics

What is the most popular treatment at SF Aesthetics?

The different seasons bring different wants to Cedar Grove Clinic.

One consistent is anti-wrinkle injections usually injected into the forehead, frown and crows feet, although it can be injected in the lower face too. This treatment has grown in popularity and is becoming quite the norm, although there is still stigma around this. It is estimated that over 7 million people in the UK have had an aesthetic treatment and this has seen an increase of over 55% since 2022.

If this is something you are considering and want to know more, please get in touch with SFAesthetics via our website Sarah offers no obligation consultations. #daventrybusiness#daventrybeauty #daventrybotox #northamptonaesthetics #daventryaesthetics #northamptonbeauty #beforeandafter #smoothforehead #smoothforeheadgoals #antiwrinkletreatment #antiwrinkle #nurseinjectors

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