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Sarah McCarthy

Sarah McCarthy


Sarah-Frances McCarthy is a medically qualified and registered Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner.

Sarah has a clinical background of over 18 years as a qualified Anaesthetic and Post-Surgical Practitioner who specialises in pain management. Sarah is a registered member of HCPC and has worked as a Lecturer for the past 8 years alongside her clinical work. Sarah is fully insured with a wealth of experience managing complications having worked in a wide range of specialties.

DipHE Nursing (Operating Department Practice)
BSC Professional Practice
Registered with HCPC and SET

Sarah says "The philosophy at SF Aesthetics Forever You is to provide a high-quality, personal and clinically safe service to clients. We realise that, although these procedures are made famous by wealthy celebrities, our clients are normal people. We know that you want to make the most of yourself, yet not alter your face beyond recognition; you want to increase your self-esteem, to feel proud of yourself and why not? In the current financial climate, however, we also realise that you need to keep to a budget and we can help you do that by giving you honest and reliable advice during your initial free consultation. If we don’t think you need to have any treatments, we’ll let you know! After your treatment we offer a free follow up consultation to assess the results.

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