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Lauren Schofield

Lauren Schofield

Baby Sensory

Hello, I'm Lauren, I live in the countryside with my husband and two young daughters who are both Baby Sensory ‘graduates'. I am a qualified nurse and having worked in cancer care for 12 years, I decided it was time for a change. During one of my daughters Baby Sensory classes there was an activity involving an amazing pair of colourful, fairy-light adorned, butterfly wings.The reaction from the entire room of babies and adults alike, was just so joyous, I decided that Baby Sensory was the change I was looking for. I completed my class leader training and I am now the proud owner of Baby Sensory Rugby and Daventry. I can't wait to see you in class soon

What is Baby Sensory? 

Baby Sensory is a learning and development programme for babies between 0-13months. Launching in 2007, it is the 'original' baby development class and is often imitated but never replicated! It has won multiple awards and classes now run world wide from 28 countries. 


How will it benefit my baby?

Each sensory activity and lesson plan has been specifically designed and researched by our founder Dr Lin Day, one of the UKs leading parenting experts, to support babies with the development of important skills. Each new sensory experience a baby has creates millions of new brain connections, laying down the foundations for all future learning and development. We are privileged to be be able to share a wealth of developmental information and play ideas with you during class.


What happens during class?

Come in, pop your shoes off, pop some socks on and make yourself comfy at a mat! 

Each class is approximately 60 minutes and includes a variety of sensory activities with a break in the middle for free-play in our exploratory play area. This structure follows babies natural play-rest-play cycle to ensure they do not become overstimulated. We start each class with our signature 'Say hello to the sun' song and end each class with our 'wave goodbye' song. This routine helps babies settle into class and learn through repetition.

The possibilities for learning and fun are endless with music, instruments, baby signing, baby massage, movement, bubbles, beautiful visual displays, light shows, puppets, scents, tactile play and more! There is a different theme each week from exploring beneath the ocean or meeting animals in the jungle to following a rainbow or zooming through space. In fact,  if you attend for a whole year you will never experience the same class twice!


Will I get anything from attending Baby Sensory classes?

Not only will you get the opportunity to spend precious time with your baby to have fun, create memories and watch their progress but you will also get the chance to meet other carers and their babies in a welcoming and supportive environment. 


Is my baby too young?

Baby Sensory classes have been specifically designed from birth. By 12 weeks old a baby's brain is developing faster than at any other time of life and by the age of 1 the brain has doubled in size! Babies also take in up to 60% of their stimuli even while sleeping so they will still be benefiting from the sensory experiences going on around them even if they take a little nap during class!


Is my baby too mobile?

The environment will be safe and secure for babies who have mastered the skills and confidence to move around and explore their surroundings under their carers supervision.  


Who can bring my baby to class?

Mums, dads, grandparents, relatives or other carers are all welcome to bring baby along to class and enjoy helping them learn and develop in that all important first year of life.


Please get in contact if you have any further questions

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