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Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis

Clinical Reflexology

My name is Helen Lewis and I qualified as a therapist in 2000. My interest in Reflexology began after struggling with fertility and health issues. While training and receiving weekly treatments, I discovered that I was pregnant with my eldest, which reassured me that reflexology can be very effective!

I am fully insured and registered with the Association of Reflexologists and the CNHC so you can be confident that I offer a professional service. During my time as a clinical practitioner, I have gained experience and understanding of a wide range of health issues. I now specialise in fertility, pregnancy and post natal care and I am a leading practitioner in treating infants from birth.

My treatments are unique and over the years I have developed my techniques to optimise pelvic positioning for fertility patients. I treat men and women for fertility care as well as offering a wide range of treatments for all ages. My clinics offer a safe and confidential space with a caring, empathetic and professional approach. Please enquire via Clinic email for more information.

Reflexology is an ancient art which works on the theory that all the parts of the body are connected via peripheral points on the feet, hands, ears and face. By manipulating them in a particular way, Reflexology can promote healing and restore balance for the recipient; reducing pain and discomfort while promoting relaxation. Reflexology is intended to integrate with other treatments and and are not a replacement for medical care.

Reflexology is now one of the most commonly accepted methods for managing a vast range of symptoms. It is suitable for all ages and Helen will treat babies from birth. Treatments are gentle, non- invasive, relaxing and completely natural. Clinical notes are taken at all appointments and every patient is treated confidentially. Helen will always refer back to your medical practitioner if needed.

During the treatment, some clients feel a pleasant tingling or warming sensation on various parts of the body, which may indicate that the circulation is changing in that area and the body is trying to rebalance. Side effects can last for up to 48 hours and are usually mild. Drinking lots of fluid following treatment is recommended.

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