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Huddle & Bliss

Huddle & Bliss

Mother & Baby Wellbeing

Huddle & Bliss was founded by Sherry in 2008, with an initial focus on mother and baby wellbeing. Having worked with over 8000 families in Northants, Sherry is recognised as one of the UK's most experienced and leading practitioners in infant massage and infant developmental movement, also known as baby yoga.

At Huddle & Bliss, our mission is to provide support, guidance, and tools for mothers and babies to bond and thrive. We believe in the power of touch and movement to enhance the wellbeing of both mother and child, and our products and services reflect this philosophy. Join us on this journey of nurturing and blissful bonding with your little one.

Through her work at H&B, Sherry has created a platform that attracts a high number of medical professionals seeking knowledge and support with their own new families. Additionally, she has now expanded her support to provide invaluable input to the social care services sector.   

Sherry is committed to supporting women throughout their pre and postnatal journeys. She prioritises pelvic floor health and incorporates specific exercises and techniques into all her wellbeing classes.  In addition, her latest venture is the recent launch of  CIRCL Mobility classes, which are inclusive and beneficial for both men and women, focusing on joint health and mobility.   With Sherry and H&B classes you can trust that your wellbeing is in expert hands, as we strive to empower and guide you on your path to optimal health and fitness for all life stages.

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