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Tan Brient

Tan Brient

Sing & Sign

I'm Tan - and I run Sing and Sign Classes in the Towcester and Daventry area! We are also launching classes in Northampton at a new venue in January 2024!

When I am not Singing and Signing, I look after my two little ones - both under 4, and work for an Ambulance Service as a Call Handler for 111.

A while ago, I sat waiting for a midwife appointment looking at a noticeboard, when I saw an advert for Sing and Sign Classes. I took a picture of it, and added it to the list of possible things I would like to do with my new baby whenever they arrived! My Daughter was born in January 2020, and would shortly become a Lockdown Baby.

Oh no, all plans were off!

Or so I thought. A few weeks later, I learnt about the @Home Course that Sing and Sign were running, and signed up - and I am so glad I did.

Taking the courses have helped me learn the foundation of Baby Signing, whilst my Daughter enjoyed the Music, and made a new friend in Jessie Cat! Even Daddy could take part, as the course ran all day, everyday for the week, across 10 Weeks.

Many months on, and my daughter can tell me about the 'Birds' she's seen, 'Where' are her toys are, and about 'Brushing' her teeth - her signs just keep coming, which is so exciting to see!

I am looking forward to being able to support other new parents enjoy this experience, being able to bond with their little ones whilst they have FUN!

Sing and Sign... what is it?

Developed with the help of Speech and Language experts and launched in January 2001, the "Sing and Sign" programme has since taught many tens of thousands of parents across the UK how to sign with their babies and encourage amazing early communication.

So what is baby signing?

As a part of typical development before speech is well established, babies naturally use a combination of gestures and sounds to help their parents understand them. For example they may point, shake their heads, clap their hands and wave "bye-bye". Now is a good time to introduce some extra gestures to help your baby communicate. It's easy to do and your baby will really enjoy it! Why not try milk, more, change nappy, or tired? Baby signing is wonderfully rewarding and fantastic fun. You will be amazed by what your baby is capable of telling you before being able to talk!

How does Sing and Sign teach these baby signs?

Sing and Sign's original and unique approach has revolutionised baby signing in this country. Everyone knows nursery rhymes and action songs are great fun and musical activities help stimulate language development. Sing and Sign combines the benefits of both music and baby signing. We teach a wide range of signs using some traditional and some specially written or adapted songs. What makes Sing and Sign special is that every sign used in song relates to those important first words of a baby's world! Nappies and bath time, hiding games and bedtime. 

You name it, we have a song about it, and the babies just love to hear them! With a high standard of educational content, this is a relaxing, enjoyable and unpressured way for you and your baby to learn.

We don't use too many signs within the songs, just enough to highlight the key words. Many of the tunes we use are traditional and familiar melodies, this ensures all songs are easy to sign along with for the beginner

Which signs do we use?

Our signs are widely used by Speech and Language professionals, nurseries and schools across the UK.

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