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Jayne Lewis – Prof.Dip Psy C., MA, MNCS

Member of NCS and PSA Accredited


As a fully qualified integrative counsellor Jayne has worked people of all ages in a voluntary capacity. Jayne initially trained as a Primary School teacher and subsequently worked for Northamptonshire County Council. This involved training and supporting childcare providers to offer meaningful provision to support their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. More recently in her role as a volunteer working with 11- to 25-year-olds it became apparent that many emotional pressures come from school, exams, peers, and aspirations for the future.  Covid has also had a detrimental effect for all ages.


Being an Integrative Counsellor Jayne  offers a variety of techniques, always starting with a Person-Centred approach to establish the individual needs of each client. Jayne uses the PERMA model, which assumes well-being can be truly met through five avenues: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment.


Jayne may then include other therapies, personalised to each individual. For example Psychodynamic to explore any past events that may have contributed, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to address any thoughts and feelings that may be restrictive. Jayne believe's that relaxation is key to helping to relieve many of these pressures, and with permission may include some meditation or hypnotherapy to the sessions.


Although initial discussion might be by telephone, Jayne would recommend face-to-face appointments either in person or online, as it can help to build a rapport. Whatever you choose, Jayne offers an empathic, safe and non-judgmental environment that enables you to feel self-aware and empowered to make positive changes to your life.


Ja works 9am to 7pm Tuesday to Friday, and 10am to 2pm Saturday. But may be able to be flexible to suit your needs.



MA - Integrated Services for Children and Families

BA Primary Education

Dip CST - Diploma in Counselling Skills & Theory

Dip Hyp CS - Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills

Ad.Dip Psy C. - Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Prof.Dip Psy C. - Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice

Meditation Teacher Certificate



Free 15 minute initial assessment by telephone

£50 for 50 minute 1:1 session

£40 for 45 minute zoom session

Student and Pensioners Discount

First 6 sessions £40 per 50 minute 1:1 session

First 6 sessions £30 per 45 minute zoom session


Adult Meditation Workshops

Small groups (8 maximum), 1 ½ hour sessions £10 per person


Children’s Relaxation Workshops

(8 children maximum)

Jeli Beans – Ages 4- 7 years - 1 hour sessions £7.50 per child

Jeli Fish – Ages 8 – 11 years – 1 ½ hour sessions £10.00 per child


Angelic Reiki

£30 for 45 minute session

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